About Us

Hey everyone! My name is Michael Carmack and I am the General Manager of ATC Grafix. Not only do I work for Alabama Teen Challenge, but I was also a student of the program. ATC Grafix was my work assignment while I was a student, and it quickly became a place of peace for me. During my stay at the Lincoln Center, I began to fall in love with Alabama Teen Challenge. It was the place that I first experienced God, brotherhood and a purpose. I became passionate about graphics. I was excited about raising money for the program so that other people could have the opportunity to experience the same peace that I did. I have been happily working in this ministry for one year and now my lovely wife, Hannah has come alongside me as ATC Grafix marketing manager. We simply have two goals for ATC Grafix: to serve our communities here in Alabama, and to let ATC Grafix be a tool to get people involved in the ministry of Alabama Teen Challenge. We love you all and truly appreciate all your support.